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Social Media Monitoring

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Layanan jasa Social Media monitoring di Indonesia, digunakan untuk mendapatkan data atas topik yang dibicarakan pada berbagai situs jejaring social seperti Facebook, Twitter, YouTube dan beberapa media sosial besar lainnya. Investigasi digital dilakukan berdasarkan keywords yang dibutuhkan, untuk menjaring data, kata kata kunci yang ditulis, pendapat dan respon pengguna social media Indonesia yang jumlahnya sangat besar, memonitor dan menganalisa status pemilik akun ketika mereka memberi tanggapan positif atau negatif. Jasa Social Media Monitoring ini dapat dimanfaatkan oleh pemilik bisnis, perusahaan pemegang merek produk hingga issu sosial, nama tokoh, politisi dan issu politik untuk mendapatkan feed back, mengantisipasi ulang atau memperbaiki citra negatif.


  • Creators: Publish Blog, Publish Web site, Create content and upload audio, music, Write articles and post them, Create and upload video
  • Conversationalist: Create account on social networking sites, Update status on Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Google +
  • Critics: Post ratings, reviews of products or services, Contribute to online Forum, Comment on someone's Blog, Contribute to (edit) Wiki articles
  • Collectors: User RSS feeds, Vote for Web sites online, Add tags photos to Web site
  • Joiners: Maintain profile on social networking site, Visit social networking sites
  • Sepectators: Watch video from other users, Read Blogs, Read online Forums, Read customer ratings, reviews
  • Inactives: None of those activities

The social Web is built upon online interactions and conversations em- powered by social technologies. However, different consumers acts and contributes to the social web differ- ently. The Social Technographics ladder refers to the different ways consumers use the social technologies.

  • These are exciting times for companies and for brands - but most of all - for consumers.
  • The inception of the Social Web and the proliferation of social technologies such as blogs and social networks have shifted the balance of power to consumers.
  • Consumers are less reliant on traditional institutions like companies as they can easily connect and support each other. This give rise to a more engaging and more social web.


  • Establish objectives
  • Educate / train senior stakeholders
  • Create a cross-functional team
  • Understand the landscape
  • Set up your channels
  • Establish your content strategy
  • Set up your metrics
  • Customize channels
  • Set up engagement framework
  • Develop a social media policy
  • Educate / train around the policy
  • Monitor and measure 

What We Do Provide? The MediaWave Social Media Monitoring software listens to consumers’ conversations and provides you with:

  • Automatic brand sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) and your share of voice
  • What the conversation is like in the category
  • What consumers are saying about your brand
  • What consumers are saying about your competitors
  • Where and when they say it. Who the contributors are


1. Access to our easy to use and informative dashboard which provides you with:

  • Up-to-date snapshots of conversations in a given category
  • You brand and your competitors’ share of voice in each media
  • Easy to read information delivered in clear graphical formats

2. Access to our conversation and engagement tools which allows you to:

  • Garner insights and information straight from your consumers
  • Provide up-to-the minute feedback to your consumers
  • Find out what they’re saying about other brands as well

3. Access to detailed data including:

  • Conversation sentiments (positive, negative, neutral) for each brand in the study
  • Word cloud - which gives you a quick view on the most popular words used with your brand
  • Who your main influencers are